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About Secretariat
The Secretariat weekends and holidays, except on weekdays from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm are open.
Is not a resident clerk So what if the e-mail, FAX, please contact us at.
Inquiries for Professional Guides from Foreign Countries

AGS-J is available for inquiries for professional guides from foreign countries.  Please forward us your inquiries by e-mail with your target mountains, desired period, your contact information and brief background to the following e-mail address:

It would take several days for us to respond to your inquiries.  Please be advised that we may need to ask you certain time to arrange the professional guides if an inquiry allows us only a limited period to arrange.  It is our pleasure if we can assist you to enjoy the wonderful time through the AGS-J experience.

AGS-J Office Information:

The Alpine Guide Society of Japan
Hachioji-city kuboyama-tyo1-9-154-708, Tokyo 192-0023 Japan
Telephone/Fax : +81 426-91-8313