These certified guide manuals, guides and training manuals for trainees has been created as.
In addition, from May 2006 to revise the press release the next version of the manual. Chapter Four, and rescue technology, currently fifth from May 2008 version is released.

  • Chapter one, the second edition of Guide theory (91 pages, 3,500 yen and 200 yen for shipping)
  • Chapter Two, the third edition of Common technical of mountain (103 pages, 3,500 yen and 200 yen for shipping)
  • Chapter Four, and Rescue techniques Fifth Edition (164 pages, 3,500 yen and 200 yen for shipping)
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Chapter 1, the Guide Theory, revised second edition (published version3,500 yen price)
Chapter 1, the guide theory
1, in the mountains of crisis management
2, and prepared to guide the mission of
3, and guide the form of technical climbing guide
4, practical guide
5, the legal knowledge to guide
6, the law should be aware of the problem Rescue
7, and guide foreign businesses operating in the issues related to
8, knowledge and behavior of natural park
9, and the business scope of qualified guides
Chapter 2, a common technology, third edition revised and enlarged edition (published version 3,500 yen)
1, the dynamics of the crash
2, rope knot
3, technical support
4, secure technology
5, rappel
6, Conte technology
7, rope climbing techniques
Chapter 3 Technical Expertise (Closed)
1, free climbing (first edition)
2, the point of training in indoor and CAUTION wall points (first edition)
3, Alpine climbing (first edition)
4, snow, snow ridge and the glacier (first edition)
5, ice climbing (first edition)
6, climbing Sawa (first edition)
7, mountain guides in the skis and Technology (Second Edition)
8, climbing guides on the street and Technology (first edition)
Chapter 4, rescue techniques, 5th revised and enlarged edition (published version3,500 yen price)
1, rescue techniques
2, mountaineering and first aid in health care
3, and injury and illness in mountaineering, first aid
Appendix 1, the operating manual for SKED STRECHER
Appendix 2, describes the use of the spine of Sprint
Chapter 5, Navigation first (closed)
1, map-making method
2, to read a map
3, Orientation
4, Navigation

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