Presentation of Alpine Guide Society of Japan

Alpine Guide Society of Japan (AGS-J) was organized as a group of first professional guides in Japan by Akira Okuyama and Yoshikazu Furukawa. The Alpine Guide Society of Japan , it was established Ryutaro Hashimoto (former Prime Minister) as a chairperson with the Ministry of Health and Welfare in April 13,1971.
We transferred it with the establishment of the Environmental Agency (Ministry of the Environment) in July, 1971 and was active as the competent authority in the Environmental Agency.
In this association, I begin natural pro-environmental behavior and I am aimed for the spread of right mountain climbing technology, guidance of mountain climbing knowledge, prevention of mountains accident and I enlighten it and continue working on these.

I hold various businesses I make an effort for the making of environment with nature which is rich in a theme by a person, nature, harmony with environment, and to have it depends, and many people know the splendor that is natural through a mountain.
Mountain climbing is the life sports that I do not ask sex, age. Splendor of mountain climbing does not assume it a memory of a life and knows joy and an impression, natural beauty and strictness and is to be able to experience importance of life, human preciousness.
In addition, there is new discovery because a mountain and a person have a relation on the stage of Nature. I offer an encounter with a mountain to uneasy, mountaineer of non-organization, a beginner of old and middle age in people without having experienced few young people and mountain climbing of an opportunity to touch you to Nature, again one's physical strength, technology, and it is our role that it is happy surely, and it realizes those dreams, and give, and it is a purpose.

This association is a group organized by the first grade Alpinist whom domestic mountain climbing is the Himalayas, the European Alps or Alaska, Canada, the mountains of the Andes from the start, and built history of mountain climbing of our country. Since 1995, I perform an interchange business in a French national ski mountaineering school (ENSA) up to the present and acquire higher mountain climbing technology, guide technology.
Of course it is professional Alpine guide supported by nature as a guide and positive technology, rich knowledge, trust and the results that technology, physical strength, experience are good.

A guide batch of this association, a mark depend on known Kyuichiro Sato by a design of mountain climbing shoes.

Alpine Guide Society of Japan