Technology exchanges with ENSA

A French national ski mountaineering school. It is a ski instructor or a national school training the mountain climbing guide. graduate from here so that it is guided in France and must pass a guide examination. It is said the European guide training school which advanced most no in the world.

(An opening of the interchange)

AGS-J(Alpine Guide Society of Japan)concluded the agreement of technology exchanges with ENSA formally in 1997 and began interchange.
It is important that the contents take guide technical guidance in ENSA even if they say the interchange. Glacier technology and the rescue technology that do not readily come true in our country without the glacier, environment surrounding guide technology and the guide lined in tradition, height of the awareness of the guide. The all was only the thing which we must study.
This association guide of a total of 18 proceeds to the guide training in ENSA in five years until 2001. I perform technology exchanges in ENSA more in the future and want to plan improvement of the quality of the guide.

Paper (carried by 1997.7.4 "le davphine france").) French a design at the time of the agreement It is Principal Jean Bernard and a Toshio Matsushima AGS-J secretary general of ENSA shaking hands.

(A translated sentence of the space)

ENSA started transmission of the technique of the new times between Japan and France. Mr. Jean Bernard of the national ski mountaineering school signed a statement of mutual agreement of the acceptance with association of Japanese Alpine Electronics guide not to be able to hide joy at the night of Tuesday. ENSA would play a key role of the technical completion of the Japanese Alpine Electronics guide in this. Four Japanese guides train with a professor of Chamonix every year.
During two weeks, chosen woodsmen will do an ascent of the glacier of Mont Blanc mass of mountains.
The agreement between this Japanese France has a big place by the fame of ENSA in Japan. Toshio Matsushima who is the secretary general of association of Japanese Alpine Electronics guide of "Japan ENSA guide top of training it confirm that is the top". Toshio Matsushima comes to the school in the times of Mr. Jean Franco and Mr. Andre Kon tamein, and can be elaborate "was the times to do an exchange of courtesies and knowledge wealthily". The woodsman of thought Japan tells "and those days. And it will not be a dream that it is till this recognizes a prom on each other's days of all the mountains-related work.

------1997.07.04 ------- le davphine reason: Kazuhide Saito

(Agreement with ENS)

 AGS-J Secretary General Toshio Matsushima and ENSA principal Jean-Bernard Paiisse has signed.

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