"AGSJ club" by the Japan Alpine Guides Association, the general climbing, climbing unorganized (Alpine Club who is not a member of), and provide more secure environment in order to climb from the start of this year.
Subscribers will climb from the free-thinking activities. Most are not binding.
The main activities of this group from the next.

AGSJ Club, the Alpine Guides Society of Japan does not operate directly.
In addition, AGSJ Mountain Club, Tokyo Mountaineering Federation, the corporation is a member of the League.

And about how dues Membership
  • Accepted for admission at any time
  • No admission fee
  • Annual membership costs 5,000 yen, climbing AGSJ school students, club membership dues to cover expenses.
    If you wish to membership in the following form to download an application for membership, on the attached two photos, AGSJ please mail to the association office. There is no special examination for admission. In the case of minors, parental consent is required.
Mail the form to:
The Alpine Guide Society of Japan
Hachioji-city kuboyama-tyo1-9-154-708, Tokyo 192-0023 Japan
Telephone/Fax : +81 426-91-8313
Email office@agsj.org
Alpine Guides Association of Japan affairs office, AGSJ addressed to the club

Membership Application Form (click to download)

Constitutional Club AGSJ
Article AGSJ club this club (the club) called.

The Alpine Guide Society of Japan
Hachioji-city kuboyama-tyo1-9-154-708, Tokyo 192-0023 Japan
Telephone/Fax : +81 426-91-8313
Email office@agsj.org

Item Three book clubs for the purpose of the following activities.
@ Mountaineering and Climbing acquisition of knowledge and technology diffusion,
A distress measures to prevent accidents, learning and dissemination of technology in distress rescued
B club at the time of the accident mutual aid worker

(Membership and admission)
Item Four The following members and the membership.
(1) Members
AGSJ climbing school student, and other lecturerstaff , Japan Alpine Guides Association, and recommended by club members, but acknowledged that representatives may join the LHC
(2) Special members, advisors
The club's activities, including leadership, which had greatly contributed.

Item Five members paid annual membership fee is 5,000 yen, he said. AGSJ school students, climbing 5,000 yen annual fee to be applied to AGSJ club dues.

(Distress measures)
Item Four distress when members of the Mountain rescue insurance cover the cost of the contents of the subscribers to register contact the Secretariat of the club.

Item Seven members of the following items if one is deemed to have unsubscribed.
(1) When offered to resign
(2) expulsion

Item Eight members each of the following is true: when the number of members with the consent of a majority, it can be expelled.
(1) membership fee is not paid for more than two years
(2) The act of credibility honor of the club, or when you disturbing

(Non-return fees, etc.)
Item Nine unsubscribe, or expulsion from membership dues paid by members, does not return the money and other donations.

(President and Director)
Item Tenth following the club's official representative and place.
(1) representative
(2) Secretariat
(3) accounting charge
(4) distress measures

Item 11th team responsible for the club and its activities.
2 office in the Secretariat of the club, make contact.
3 accounting charge for the club's financial management.
4 distress measures at the time of the accident, the club members in charge of search and related procedures.

(Fiscal year)
Item 12th fiscal year beginning April 1 each year, until March 31 next year.

Item 13th Conference and General Meeting of the monthly meetings and annual general meeting and extraordinary general assembly meeting of the two species
2 held its monthly meeting, held office from the location or contact a representative.
3 end of the fiscal year after the annual general meeting, held in April every year.
4 Activities at the General Assembly the previous year 4, accounting, reporting and planning activities to determine the new fiscal year.

(Constitutional change)
Item 14th The Constitution in the General Assembly, more than three-quarters of the club's members have agreed to make changes
Can be.

April 1, 2012
Represented AGSJ Club Kentaro Hirokawa

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